I am not sure if that is anywhere an accurate description of me but I am sure it gets said about me which is okay because while I may not like or agree with those who think or say it I have no control over what others think or say. That would be a big responsibility and while I am an advocate of at least minimal control and order to things I am also a Realist.

So, that being said, lets venture into the land of insensitivity. While I do have compassion for some People and Situations I have to draw the line somewhere and I choose to draw that line at Personal Responsibility. We all have issues, some are more challenging than others and not all problems can be overcome because that is Life.

We all need help from time to time, sometimes just advice or understanding, sometimes Tolerance and sometimes Financial support but we cannot expect that others will always be there to prop us if we are not willing to work on the core problem which in a lot of long term problems that are not our Body failing us is is failing ourselves.

To run short and ned a friendly loan to cover the shortfall is not unusual, things happen, but to day after day need the same help from others who are working while you are not is not a problem, it is a choice or weakness that you need to deal with. To make as much money begging as someone working the grind and then spending all of your money on Drugs and then asking for money because you have no Food, Gas or Power is unacceptable, at least it is to me.

I have used Alcohol in the past, I have short term Abused Alcohol in the past but maybe it is just me but I never missed a day of Work because I was Drunk and never asked someone to pay my Bills due to it, if I borrowed to cover it I repaid it, if I did not repay it I knew it was a Gift and for sure asked later when I got it back together if it was needed back by that person.

Simply put I no longer have no sympathy for Junkies or Drunks, I can all day long feel bad for the suffering of them and those around them but I will no longer continually contribute to their weakness. It is not going to help them to fix themselves and it is not a burden that I am any longer willing to accept, regardless of who they are.

I feel so strongly about this that I recently disassociated myself with the Libertarian Party due to their renewed push for Legalization for Drugs which is about as stupid of an idea as there can be if you want to have a functional Society that is decent to live in. Drugs cause or allow those who are predisposed to such things to commit Theft and worse to support their habit.

To me the theory to Decriminalize Drugs will never make a Society stronger. Even if we did and gave them all the Drugs free and a place to live it would not make us a stronger country. And yes, Alcohol is as bad as the rest but the ship has sailed on that and the best I see that could be done to curb that is to institute Minimum Mandatory sentences like a Month in Jail for even ONE DUI. Maybe at that point the mug shots of Drinkers who endangered others would not have that big grin like they just got prize.

So at this point how many of you would label me Heartless if I refuse to give even pocket change to a Bum that reeks of Booze in the middle of the day or is so high that they are scary to those around them? I feel that personally I can weed out the people that are in short term distress from the chronic burdens and do not say that I will never help but I will Discriminate who I will help, That is my right!