In the past Decade I have written and deleted enough material to fill a few novels. Many have no idea I have ever written anything, some people have seen some of it, some have had some of it personally written for them but unless they saved it on their end it does not exist.

     The main problem I have concluded is me, not because I have not made the attempt to write but because once written I have chosen to criticize and self edit the works into oblivion. Other times I have simple walked away from the keyboard because my reason or inspiration was gone, maybe not a bad thing that I stepped away because uninspired writing is about as thrilling as watching paint dry.

     I do not have the fire I did before at this time so the content will surely be different and if I am just posting to fill space e I will be wasting my time as well as yours but I am going to open up the Keyboard again and see what I can get out of me. While I do no t have the fire I have a well honed and earlier suppressed sense of outrage so maybe that will be my key for now.

     Whatever the choice of subject matter is it will be for a purpose or you will never see it, that has worked well for me so far so why change that?

     Whatever I choose to share or vent on will be a concise as possible, it will likely need no character development or mystery structure nor will it ramble on for hundreds of words to prove any point, it will be either what I feel, what I see or what I think and yes it will be potentially entraining and probably the only question left at the end is whether I was serious or not, if you do not know me that might be hard to discern but then again therein may lie the element of Mystery.