That has been a catch phrase for a while now for me. Granted it was more than a little Tongue in Cheek look at Mortality but it was fun to be open and a bit shocking and at the same time avoiding any real discussions about how things were.

     When I had the Open Heart Surgery in February it did not take on more significance solely because of the Surgery but it did get me making some decisions about what to do if I did not make it through the Surgery.

     At the time I expressed a favoritism for Cremation for several reasons that I may dig into at a point in the near future but have made a tentative decision to simply donate my remains to the “Body Farm”  at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville after weighing all of the options.

     If you really want me to explain my rationale I will but suffice it to say that it works for me and my belief system. So in essence the phrase “Above the Grass” will be a permanent condition for me. No wasting resources for the sake of pure Vanity and it just might help Science in a small way.

     So one interesting point is that I can make some requests about what I do not want mu Remains used for, such things as submerged in water or such. In reality it will not matter I suspect but if I can make a Request I want to be set up against a tree or slumped over a cars Steering Wheel facing towards Maine/Canada. 

     Hopefully it will be in the Fall and I will get to be in the Smokies for the best part of the year but I do draw the line at any Orange Attire with a big “T” on it but if Spurrier is still coaching I do give permission for a Hat or Jersey from his team to be applied on me but either way I calculate that if I am facing Maine I will also be facing in the direction of Bullfish Grill. If I have to explain why either location is relevant than you obviously do not know me all that well!

     So for now the subtitle of this project will be “Above the Grass”…